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Ferrum WolfExuro in Abyssus

Company of the IronWolf

Knights and Peers of House Ironwolf

with their Squires, Men at Arms, Apprentices and Students

includes Greenwood Company and Warders

Sir Osric Eisenwulf
Bringer of Pain
Master of House Ironwolf

Lady Gedryn von Eisenwulf
Lady of House Ironwolf

Mistress Jervisa Wainwright
Pelican of House Ironwolf


Sir Osric's Knights

Sir Michael Au Cluin
Bringer of Death
Wolf Lord




Sir Michael's Squires

Lord Barekr "Bear" Silfri
(on loan to King William, rex of Midrealm)



Mistress Jervisa Students

Lord Owen McDonald


Man at Arms to Sir Osric


Man at Arms to Sir Michael


Man at Arms to Sir Mieczko


Warders of House Ironwolf (that are not also squires)


Members of  Greenwood Company( that are not also squires)


Former Landed Baron and Baroness in House Ironwolf