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From the Ironwolf Facebook page dated 12/15/16

Ironwolf and friends of the pack. Hear me now!!!

 I find myself once again in a place of bitter darkness and sorrow. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I come before you all. This past Wednesday night my good friend Matthew (the House) Lukasiewicz. Known in the S.C.A. as, Squire Vegor Sobeski. (The Bringer of the Dead.) One of my best friends and most beloved among my squires passed from this world. It was sudden and unexpected. He had a massive heart attack. Vegor was a large man with a large personality; he was my friend and brother/son. To know him was to love him. His name will be added to the Legacy Banner, the very banner he was so proud to keep for the house hold. Now I would be so honored if you would join my Lady, my daughters and I in deep grief. Hear my Howl for my squire, brothers/son and dear friend…

Dear Lord, please comfort us in our time of grief,
Let them hear not a lone mournful, howl from a single Ironwolf. But a Thunderous cry from a grieving pack. Let the Angels know that the pack grieves. For in all things and all ways he was a true Ironwolf. Lord I ask you now to love them, lift them and give sweet relief for this loss we now suffer, and our sadness felt. Make this sorrow slowly melt. As the pain filled howls softly fades. Lord, let happy memories rise up in our hearts, creating peace like a gentle summer breeze. As you help us make it through, draw us all closer, give us strength.

Thank you all..... Osric ...


House Ironwolf is a household within the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA). Our members come from all walks of life and reside in the United States, Canada and Norway.

We have a strong contingent of members in the Nova Scotia, Canada and Maine, USA area. You can visit them on the web at House Ironwolf Northpack.

Although most of our activities involve fighting in battles and tournaments within the society (we have three Awards of the Dragon's Teeth - kingdom group fighting awards), our multi-talented members are also involved in many other aspects of the SCA. We have members of great talent in woodworking, calligraphy, illumination, sewing, bardic arts, heraldry, tatting, embroidery and many other areas.

Most of our children are also involved in the same activities as their parents. Ironwolf is proud to have youth fighters, bards and other talented children who have already made their mark in the society.

For information about the Society for Creative Anachronism, please visit  the Official SCA Website. or our information links page.

The 2017 Household  Championships will be held at Sir Michael and Lady Brianna's residence. See Facebook members page for more information.

Congratulations to Squire John St. John for winning the Archery Championship and becoming our newest Wolf Lord!

Congratulations to Warder Tristan Silvertoes for winning the Rapier Championship for the second year in a row!

Congratulations to Wolf Lord Sir Michael Au Cluin for winning the Heavy Championship!

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